Boring post

We are currently working with a very high profile client. We would have many great images to show you here, but they request nothing of it be added to our website.
So, to make up for how boring the post is, i’ll show you a simple way to make a rose with ascii (keyboard) characters.

Gelbach Designs FTP Access

EDIT: We have now implemented a web-based file transfer system, The Gelbach Designs File Exchange. You can find it at (you will need a username and password)
This system replaces our use of FTP, so the below instructions should be ignored. If you have any questions, please call us at 704.339.0785.

Depreciated information below this text
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used by many companies like ours. The purpose is to quickly transfer files that are too large for email. The access information shown here will work with any FTP client/method.

If you are unfamiliar with using FTP to transfer files, I have a couple links for you below the access information.

FTP Login Information for Gelbach Designs

  • FTP Username:
  • FTP Server:
  • FTP Server Port: 21
  • Upload your files to the Incoming folder. That is the only directory you will have access to.

If you are unfamiliar with FTP, here are a few links to download and learn:

AWEA Studio Set Completed

I’ve just gotten back in Charlotte from a trip to Washington, DC.  The client for this trip was Wendy White of the American Wind Energy Association. Yes, we made jokes about how well her name fit with the company.

This was a challenge because of the size of the studio. However, with suggestions and changes coming from both our company and Wendy and Tony White, the studio set worked perfectly for the space.

These images were taken after installation, but before the studio lighting was installed. This is lit with one tota, 2 fluorescent fixtures, and a window. I’m excited to see what it will look like when they are finished with the studio lighting.

Coors, AWEA, Billy Graham

This week at Gelbach Designs we have: Gotten the Coors Light drops ready for their epic 30′ x 60′ installation on tuesday. Prepared the PVC for the Coors Light drops that will be protecting it from the fences at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Prepared a TV studio set rush job for the AWEA (American Wind…