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Broadcast Set Design - AIT Nigeria

Broadcast Set Design

AIT Lagos, Nigeria Our own Ken Gelbach just recently got back from Lagos, Nigeria where he was helping our clients from AIT (like the CNN of africa) set up and tweak their broadcast studio set to perfection. The entirety of the set took quite many people a good deal of time to complete, with fantastic…

Display Graphics created by Gelbach Designs, Inc.

Display Graphics

We have some new images to show you of display graphics created by Gelbach Designs for a local company’s event. These simple but attractive graphics were produced using our solvent printer on a vinyl substrate which was then mounted to a foam PVC product for a resilient, durable, color-true display that has great visual impact.…

Display Graphics for Visit Charlotte at the Convention Center

Display Graphics

New Display Graphics at the Convention Center Recently we have replaced all of the large display graphics at the Charlotte Convention Center with newer, fresher images for CCBV (the Charlotte Convention Center Visitors Bureau). These images were solvent printed, mounted, and laminated here at Gelbach Designs. The images were provided by various local area photographers…