Monolith News Desk Pictures

Are you looking for a modern and sleek broadcast news desk? The Monolith News Desk is the newest addition to our exciting collection of news desks. This desk is stunning in both its form and its simplicity. The RGB LED color changing lights have numerous variations which add vivid richness and pizzazz, dramatizing the moods…

Broadcast set for Studio B, KDKA Pittsburg
custom set pieces we designed and built for Pittsburg's local news showlocal news set custom made for KDKABroadcast set for Studio B, KDKA Pittsburg

KDKA – Studio B – Broadcast Studio Design Pictures

The Broadcast Studio Design Project This broadcast studio design was created by our company in collaboration with Greg Loscar for KDKA in Pittsburg. It’s purpose was to have a secondary (Studio B) area to shoot the news program in, while the main set was being changed. The results are fantastic, if I do say so myself. The things…

elliptic broadcast furniture

News Desk for Sale

News Desk for Sale Looking for a news desk for sale? We’ve got everything you need. If we don’t have it, we can make it. Our team of designers and fabricators can make anything. Browse our products, and find what you like, or have us create something. A Variety of Styles Take a look at…