20 years in the field working for Gelbach Designs.

Desks Counters and Tables

We have designed and built more news desks, reception desks, work desks, counters, displays, and cases than you could shake a very large stick at. From our art kits for Carter’s marketing team, to our news desks for more broadcast studios than I can count, to the reception areas for the Billy Graham library… we…

Concept Design and Renderings

Images like these are created by Gelbach Designs for our client’s projects. Creating these computer generated images helps the clients visualize exactly what they will be getting. This way, there are no surprises when we arrive to set up the display, museum exhibit, television studio set, or what have you. All the changes are made based…

St. Peter's Catholic church uptown Charlotte
St. Peter's Catholic church uptown Charlotte

Custom Woodworking and Carpentry

More often than not, here at Gelbach Designs, we are building and fabricating designs of our own creation. However, often, we are spending our time bringing other’s designs to life. If you, your company, or your client needs something brought from the concept phase to the point of completion, we can do that for you.

bofa-global-set-design-banners-props-copyorion flight test

Event and Stage Sets

With most of our crew having a background in professional theater, stage sets will always be a passion of ours. We can create sets for any occasion, from corporate meetings to band stage events. Take a look at our images, give us a call, and tell us how we can help.

Graphics for Visit Charlotte trade show

Trade Show Exhibits and Displays

These are examples of Trade Show Exhibits ( or Tradeshow, if you prefer ) designed and fabricated by Gelbach Designs, Inc. Over the years, we have worked with almost any big company name you can think of in the industry of trade show advertising. From Microsoft, to Calvin Klein, to Hospitals, to Cities advertising as…

Graphics for Falls Cove Sales Center

Sales Centers and Office Interiors

A great architectural and graphic display of amenities is the cornerstone of any sales center related to real estate such as condos and luxury custom homes. The same is true for office interiors and branded environments. With the price tags that are usually associated with such endeavors, your sales team needs the potential buyer to…

Graphics printed and designed for Panthers Football Team film studio
large-graphics-printing-and-application-wall-vinylGraphics designed and printed for KioskGraphics printed and designed for Panthers Football Team film studio

Graphic Design and Printing

Gelbach Designs Inc. is a fully equipped fabrication shop and design facility. The good thing this means for printing and graphic applications is that we are a one-stop shop. For just about anything. However, this category mainly applies to signs. Business Signs. The thing that lets people know where your business is. The first thing…

Living Church of God Broadcast Set

Broadcast and TV Set Design

These are examples of TV Set Design accomplishments designed and fabricated by Gelbach Designs, Inc. We have recently created a sister site that focuses solely on our work with TV and broadcast studio design, complete with sizes and prices per component. This site can be found at http://tvsetdesigns.com. I highly recommend it to anyone shopping for…