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Stage Sets

There are many reasons that a company would need a stage set designed, built, set up, and dismantled. Some, you might not guess. So, I decided that after the images I will provide a few fun instances. Once you are done previewing some of the images below this text, make sure to continue on down the page to read about some of the unique situations we have created sets for.

With most of our crew having a background in professional theater, stage sets will always be a passion of ours. We can create sets for any occasion, from corporate meetings to band stage events. Take a look at our images, give us a call, and tell us how we can help.

If you have trouble viewing these images, try our static gallery HERE.

To list off some of the interesting photos from above:

  • Long ago, we created a ‘Racefan Challenge’ set in the very center of Charlotte, NC. The set was constructed at the intersection of Trade and Tryon. What made this set interesting is it was for a surprise appearance by Regis Phillbin to host a quiz show very similar to his ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ show which was popular at the time.
  • Even longer ago, we created the clock and pillars and delorian of Back to the Future fame as a stage set for a series of plays. 10 points to you if you can guess which image that is.
  • Semi-recently, we designed and built an Indiana Jones themed set for a risk management seminar for ____ of _______, the very well known financial institution. Complete with blowguns traps, rolling boulders, swinging pendulum battle axes, and pretty much anything else you have seen in the Indiana Jones or Goonies films. A marketing representative from ____ of _______ called us years later, requesting the company’s logos be removed from the image we have online. The good news is, he was cool with us keeping the sanitized version online.
  • Two of these images should not exist. I can not tell you which ones or why, so please don’t ask.
  • One last one. In a couple of those images of stage sets you will see a Target or Wal-Mart storefront. You may feel these are out of place. However, these were part of the pure genius of the marketing department for Carter’s Baby Clothes.

    In both cases, they had rented two ballrooms for a presentation to said companies (Wal-Mart first, Target about a year later). However, they only set up one ballroom section with chairs, a lectern, and a projection screen. The rest of the space was hidden by a black spandex wall set to snap away. They then proceeded to start a droll powerpoint presentation like any weaker marketing team would have. However, they did have some fun with the presentation, spicing it up with music and fun videos and animation. Beyond that, factually, their numbers and research had shown how well the companies would do together. However, at the end of what would have been an already top notch pitch, they doubled the ante.

    At the end of the presentation, the stage set, which was comprised of tightly stretched spandex and electronic triggers, just disappeared. Faster than the eye could see. Just… poof. At this point, the presenter was now standing in front of a fully lit, fully built Wal-Mart facade… that occupied the rest of the huge ballroom space. Behind the facade’s doors was a complete section of an actual store- with shelving, wall graphics, hanging signs, a starbucks, and the actual Carter’s Baby Clothes product occupying the clothing racks.

    The people that the Carter’s team was trying to impress literally clapped and cheered in wide-eyed childlike glee before regaining their composure. Mission accomplished.